Sunday, September 26, 2010


Let's see...what else have we been up to? I took everyone pediatric in the household to the pediatrician the other day. Dylan is old enough to do actual old people stuff, like hearing and vision screening and blood pressure. She is right along the 50th percentile for everything, which is what I always did. Ollie is 50th for height and 25th for weight, so he's creeping up there. He certainly looks like a chub, but I guess most of the other little fatties have him beat, fat-wise. He had always been all nonchalant about shots and mostly just gave the nurse a dirty look this time. Aaron is like that too. The man's not even ticklish on the bottom of his feet, if that tells you anything. It tells me something: he is a soulless robot. But! A soulless robot who now routinely takes Snuffy on four-mile runs. Sometimes we both do it in one day (at different times). THAT wears even a tireless dog out.

Dylan is more like me as far as the zero pain tolerance and general neuroses go. She's starting to get a sense of "fair" and "NOT FAIR" although luckily she doesn't know those words yet. It really worked for her when Ollie got the shot for flu and she just got the nasal spray. It also means every time Ollie wants a high five she also wants one. It's like I'm constantly running down the field getting psyched up for the big game around here, with all the high fiving.

What else...Dylan's in swimming lessons again. I think by next summer she'll be a functional swimmer. She's finally stopped being really worried about it, so that only took two years. As long as we were at the Y for swimming I made a structure:

We're also letting her start dance since it's at school and we don't have to be involved and being and dancer is the other half of her career plan, to complement the waitressing. So really it's like an internship. They also have a music class at school that she would love but it's an extra $60 a month and since daycare is now well over double our mortgage FORGET IT.

We put Ollie down to frolic amongst the produce to encourage healthy eating.

I start a new rotation Monday. Stay tuned to see if we can get enough of a grip on our lives to buy me time to post. I now have six interviews scheduled (three in one week!) and am waiting to hear from four more places. I'll probably cancel some at the end though.

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