Monday, September 06, 2010

home. but still sort of disoriented. and only 1 for 2 for getting the kids to bed before 10.

We were in Lake Placid. We Eisenbergs all think of it as an icy nemesis back from our ski racing days. In summer it hits less of an "icy evil" note. More "tourist trap" I would say. Ollie took the Adirondack decor to heart and required a wooden high chair.

Last time I played tennis was last summer when I was pregnant with Ollie.
Looking at these pictures it's hard to shake that "I can't possibly be doing this right" feeling, along with that "I'm dressed like a christmas tree feeling."

I'm also having trouble shaking that "long run of scattered and unpolished blog posts" feeling, but as we keep working on acquiring house creatures and degrees I seem to have less time to devote to lovingly perfecting my snark. So. That's an apology for just throwing up a ton of pictures recently. Perhaps an improvement, but if so please refrain from telling me. Thank you.

Aaron looks pretty badass in this picture, but let the record show that the ball was just short of clearing the fence. Not the stated goal of this particular sport.

And now for a little Tubing With Indy.

I can't get enough of pictures of Ollie in this life jacket. He didn't exactly like it but he can take one for the team in this instance.

I'm not sure if this picture reveals just how grumpy Dylan was at that moment. I will tell you: extremely.

This was fun. We are tired. I plan to spend the week trying to upgrade Dylan's room from "construction site disaster" status to "painted" and upgrade one of my papers from "jumbled mishmash" to "submitted to reputable journal." Time will tell how all that goes.

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