Sunday, September 12, 2010

let us show you how it's done

When it was determined that dessert was urgently needed last night, I was the one who stepped up and got the job done. I was three-quarters of the way home when I received a text indicating that I should purchase candles. There had been a loud noise and power was out in the entire neighborhood. People were wandering around outside, as they are like moths and were apparently lost without a bright light to lure them back in. Ollie was also lost on the floor for a spell, although his unhappy squeaks were an effective tracking mechanism. See, here he is, found:
Our emergency lighting stash consists of: a tiny LED headlamp, two small candles, our phones, and three hanukkah candles. Aaron also got out Dylan's wooden menorah just to be thorough, but it does not actually provide any light. Dylan was already asleep and this morning wanted to know why the harmonica (= hanukkah + menorah) was out, and if presents had been exchanged. They had not. Also of note: the hanukkah candles do not last for multiple days. When the lights came back on a couple hours later a large cheer went up throughout the neighborhood. Go moths!


It came about yesterday morning that Aaron had both kids and the snuff out on a walk in the woods by himself. Dylan, who has a bladder the size of a watermelon, has taken to announcing her need to use the facilities at the most inopportune of moments. When they were as far as possible from any actual facilities she indicated her intentions. That was fine, she's pretty good at peeing in the woods, but Aaron declined to return her underwear on the walk home for hygienic purposes. We have also been working on having her get better at calming herself down when she gets all het up instead of requiring Aaron to talk her through it, so when she protested about the underwear he let her go on about it while they walked home. Thus, to the homeowners along the norhternmost section of the lehigh valley trail, that is why there was a little girl wailing about getting her underwear back from a grown man for a good twenty minutes. Okay? Okay. Good. Moving on.


Dylan is persistently frustrated that she can't actually fly. She's working on it though.

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