Saturday, January 15, 2011

Life is Butter Dream

That's Dylan's version of Row Row Row Your Boat and she will defend it to the bitter end.


It occurs to me...perhaps Young Oliver is prone to become motion sick in the car. For decorum's sake I won't mention why it occurs to me. You're not supposed to turn kids' car seats around until they're two now, but maybe that would...improve the situation.


Speaking of Young Oliver, since attaining the age of Solid Food Consumption, he has been know to yell at me should I, perchance, be in possession of food that is not going into his fat face. Now he has taken his tactics up a notch in sophistication by yelling BABY! BABY! when I have food he wants (=any food). I assume he means, "Mother! Your darling young baby here is famished and would like to partake of some sustenance! Forthwith!"


We are getting a mini version of a CSA this winter, with root vegetables and some frozen stuff. To make room I have embarked on Adventures Through The Freezer. I now have an Inventory and every meal this week featured something from the frozen depths. Aaron scurries away with his ice cream treats now so I don't make him tabulate them.


I went on my first school tour last week. It's the newest expeditionary one here, and the chances of getting in are great because it's so new. I liked it a lot--it was small and felt very manageable, the kids were all well behaved, and the teachers seems great. They go on field trips every week related to whatever topic they're learning about. Dylan would be a distinct minority, but I think she would be okay. The only problem is we would have to give up trying for the Spanish one to do it, which I don't think I can do. And the other problem is we haven't decided what state to live in next year yet, so this may not be relevant.


I call this series Pile of Bleisencreatures


Gillianboudreau@hotmail.com said...

I think that's what happens when you grow up around so much baking such that life actually is very similar to a butter dream.

bleisenblog said...

There are a lot of stories about Tommy eating straight butter (mostly as a two-year-old), so it's in the genes too.