Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Morning walk

My car enjoyed 15 feet of clear, shoveled driving before enjoying several blocks of fresh powder, as is the way with our street.

Snuffy and I slogged through even more blocks of untouched powder on our walk. It occurs to me that this may be our big chance if we want to cross country ski from the house and make better use of all this snow.

As long as I'm enthralling you with pictures from the neighborhood, here's one from the other day, depicting the end of our DRIVEWAY. Police were called.

And one more fun tidbit for the road. Dylan and Ollie were playing SO NICELY by themselves in the kitchen over the weekend. During that time, we later learned, Dylan thoughtfully took the initiative to feed Ollie his medicine. I think she may have bought into the hype surrounding the health benefits of garlic though, and he was sputtering garlic powder for hours. A little goes a long way, Dylan.

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