Monday, January 17, 2011

loaded question

"Mommy, we learned about Martin Luther King, Jr today. And something bad happened to him?"


They did a segment on using only one segment of a round trip flight on Marketplace Money. I apologize! You were all correct to be concerned! It's true that you can get away with it if it's the last leg, but otherwise I guess they're huge jerks about it. The guy they had on the show skipped the first leg (even I thought that would be a bad idea), and they wanted to make him 1) pay a $150 change fee, 2) pay the difference between his ticket and a one way ticket, AND 3) buy a new ticket. He negotiated them down from a couple of those, but that was their first reaction. They said that the airline still owns the ticket even after you buy it, and there aren't that many other similar situations with other products and services.


We have a little county rope tow, with $8 lift tickets, so Dylan and I did a little more of this over the weekend:
I should have been a little more concerned by the sign in the lodge that said "icy rope is not sufficient cause for a refund."

This is a not a rope tow with "seats" or "handles." This is a rope. That is icy. But not in a refund-causing kind of way. They had to stop it for us because I lost traction halfway up and the rope just slid through my fingers and the people behind us caught up to us. To make up for all the delays, what with a whole hill full of total beginners valiantly, yet unsuccessfully, trying to make it up the rope tow, they run it REALLY FAST. Dylan, at least, was unfazed.

The upside is that if you do manage to make it to the top, the hill is your own. The other upside is that she has a great feel for it and is getting better really fast, so we both had a great time. I wouldn't say "stopping" is a strong point, but she can really turn and she was this time very responsive to what I was saying, unlike THE REST OF HER LIFE.


Our household was running on a one-hour delay this morning, which was a funny coincidence because daycare had been evacuated because of a gas leak during the relevant hour. As we walked up this morning we saw line after line of kids trooping back across the street into the building. Dylan was SO MAD to have missed the fun since they brought over a TV to pass the time. I never get tired of how they pile a bunch of babies in a crib and roll them around. I was dropping Ollie off just as they were rolling in his classmates and he thought it was awesome too. He's been crying when I drop him off since New Year's, but today he just toddled around giggling.The child is a fool.
And a terrible lifeguard, by the by.

Also, I know it wasn't clear from the video, but he shuts his own self in the cabinet. At first he climbed in when I had some pots out, but now he shoves himself in there even when it's not empty. Dylan's always egging him on. "Ollie! Don't you want to go back in there? Go on, now."

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