Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Two Thumbs Up

I need to catch up on reviewing all the things that people are clamoring for me to give opinions on!*

Yaktrax. Snuffy and I just had an excellent run thanks to them.

The Monster at the End of This Book iPad app. It's obviously an excellent book to begin with, but the app is really cool, with a lot of interaction and great animation. Dylan wants to read it every morning.

Chicken Soup with Lemon and Bulgur recipe from the NYTimes last week. My soups NEVER come out, but I had some bulgur I wanted to use and I got some fake chicken and I thought it turned out well--filling, but light, with a good, not too lemony flavor.

The Nike+ GPS iPhone running app. I've been using it for runs, walks, and cross country ski excursions. It makes a cool route map of where you go and it shows you your pace along the route and it tells you when you reach each mile. Sometimes it makes Tracy Jordan and Lance Armstrong say encouraging things to you.**

Breakfast at our favorite place AND
Carhartts with tie dye (outfit by Dylan)
Demerits to Ollie for attempting to go home with the people next to us. Additional demerits for eying their food so longingly that they were actually tempted to feed him.

Star stickers. If you're like us, these are a vital tool in making major life decisions.

Awesome front-yard sledding courses with lots of terrain. Four-year-olds don't weight anything, so they are a pleasure to design for. Video to follow once Aaron's phone comes home from work, if it turned out okay.

Kitchen elves.

*Not true.

**I should probably develop a Resolution to stop swooning about how apps enhance my life. I just have some vague sense that a geeky threshold has been crossed.

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