Thursday, January 06, 2011

Stardate: January

"What do you want for your birthday?"

"I don't know...I hadn't thought about it much...it's fine though, we have the next three months to celebrate."


Our nearly 4.5 years of child-having have been remarkably free of vomit. Ollie had a little something to say about that. Uh oh!

Actually he really did puke on himself in the car once, wept for a moment, then was all like, Uh oh! Really, it was uh oh. I had to disassemble the entire car seat to wash it, but not before driving two hours to get home. I agree, this is an appropriate use of "uh oh," Ollie.

[Please note that this illness was entirely independent of the prior illness that took 3/4 of our family out for like two weeks. This new one ventured further afield and took out several extended family members in addition to my ever-stoic (to outsiders) husband]


Words that Ollie says at 13.5 months that are not uh oh:
dylan (DILL!)
some kind of noise that means give me that iphone now, man, and it better be the one with that egg cracking game on it. [ed note: the egg cracking game involves poking a (virtual, you understand) egg with one finger until it cracks open to reveal a cute prize. i was reading him a book the other day with a picture of an egg and he starting madly poking at it]

He now points to his nose correctly, but there was a week in there where his right eye was in danger from being identified as "nose" too enthusiastically.

He's starting to point and yell DAT at things. I think Dylan did that for about a year. He has figured out how to provoke Dylan with like a twitch of his eyebrows. Awesome. Dylan's really nice to him unless she is cranky and then she is nice to NO ONE.


Current household status is: grumpy due to: too many life decisions in the offing OR lingering recovery from a stomach bug OR requiring constant interaction but only receiving interaction for 59 minutes of every hour OR some combination of the above. [Exception: Snuffy, whose status is: pleasingly fatigued. or pouting. who's to say, really? I can report that he is delightfully fluffy, fur-wise, at the moment]


Dylan combined a couple toys to make this. I thought it was cute:

So I made my own. I know, cute, right?

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