Sunday, February 20, 2011

and onward

I will now tell you where I have been: hanging out with Aaron. More specifically, playing games on the ipad. More specifically, playing: Life, Monopoly, Scrabble, and Trivial Pursuit. To answer the obvious question, we learned long ago that Risk is not good for our marriage. We also learned long ago that playing most of these games with two people is lame. It does not bother us anymore!

We did let Dylan play Life with us today. Tut, tut. Children having children. That kid is ruthless, I'll tell you what.

Other activities have included:
-(unsuccessfully) reining in Ollie (now with bonus climbing action and maniacal laugh)
-watching Ollie's desperate need for a nap fight it out with his desperate need to stuff his face as he nodded off during lunch today
-sanding and priming one of the bedrooms (now with less peeling paint action)
-and! making headway on our Life Decision Fest Extravaganza 2011.

To recap, here are the decisions up for review:
-City of Residence
-House of Residence
-Kate's Workplace
-Aaron's Workplace
-Ollie's Daycare
-Dylan's School

We are, it seems, leaning towards Boring and Practical. This means not really messing with 4-5 of those items. Awesome. We are, at least, changing Dylan's school. We totally don't have to! She could do Kindergarten there, thus not changing one single thing from our existence now except for making my schedule many many times worse.

This is...not what we thought we would be doing. I flew all over the country looking at programs and we've looked all over the area at houses and we thought about all sorts of other stuff. We have good reasons for doing what we're doing. All the options were good options. But we're feeling grown up and responsible and sort of lame (board games aside).

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