Monday, February 21, 2011

a day in the life

Just thought I would give you more of a taste of Ollie at 15 months. He is a dastardly combination of really smart, oddly strong, and relentless. I am not kidding about the maniacal laugh. Today he:

-learned how to turn on speakerphone on the phone base, so he can make calls even when I confiscate the handset
-pushed the ENORMOUS cart halfway down the aisle at Lowe's while I was dealing with Dylan
-OPENED THE OVEN while I was cooking pizza at 475 degrees
-figured out how to not only mess with the volume on the stereo, which has long been a favorite way to get some instant attention, but also to turn ON the stereo, so turning it off in desperation will get you nowhere, MOTHER
-moved the kitchen stool over to the corner, climbed up on it, and used the vitamin containers now within reach as maracas
-used his puzzle rack as a stool to get to the Wii, which he dragged across the room
-rearranged the furniture more to his liking, which involved relocating the full sized chair so he could have access to Dylan's lair

I guess it's nice he's so...independent.

In his favor, he sings while getting his teeth brushed. This amuses me.

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