Saturday, February 05, 2011

what's up, here, to a man

I have been remiss. I have failed to acknowledge the starting of the Birthday Era, lo this February the 1st.

I decadently gave Aaron a real etch-a-sketch as a picture frame.
He was pandered to, never fear. Let the six months of festivities begin!



First of all, he looks FANTASTIC in a snowsuit.

He also loves playing in the snow more than I would have imagined for a person of his stature.
He has outgrown all the hats Dylan was wearing when she was like a year older.

He is SO ATTACHED to Aaron. Not in a clingy way, more in a HI DADDY way. He will shuffle his puffball self halfway down the block for a hug if he sees him coming.

He will also reliably eject whatever food is in his mouth if you offer him something better, just for your information. Dylan is still pleased to have him as a plaything. Just this morning they made me cupcake soup for breakfast, so I view their collaboration as highly fruitful.


We took Dylan skiing again last weekend.

It's so awesome. We took her on the chair lift for the first time and she made it down from the top of Bristol. She now has stopping action.

I think of her as someone who is not into...discomfort. Or adversity. But she's actually sort of a trooper.

And sassy, you know.


Here's Snuffy, also looking fabulous. Work it, Snuffy.


Let's see, what am I up to? Putting my outerwear on the dog. Planting the baby in a snowbank. Crafting gifts for my husband. Dragging Dylan out in the snow. Attending lecture. Trying to make decisions about: city of residence, program of training, school for Dylan, daycare for Ollie, and what house to buy, if any. So, to summarize: I am often grumpy. Some of this is fun, but it will be really nice to stop reshuffling every aspect of our lives.

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Cathy Senecal-Rice said...

ok, Kate. I'm a bit behind in your blog. But that Snuffy DOES look fabulous in his gorgeous, colorful scarf! And he also really does know how to work it! LOL, you crack me up and I appreciate the break from work.