Monday, February 14, 2011

February ramblings

Let's see...where we were?

Right, right. Interminable winter. I LOVE winter. I've been out skiing, of the flat and sloped varieties, way more this year than any since we moved here. But honestly, Enough.

This month in medical school we are doing a fake research project in a group of seven. Unrelatedly: I am grumpy.

Our input as to where to go next year is due the 23rd of this month. The results, I believe, are announced St Patrick's Day. If we stick around we've got it down to four schools for Dylan, but we won't know which one until April or May. We may switch Ollie's daycare, or not, depending on where Dylan ends up. We're also looking at houses, in several cities. There's one here we like a lot, but we think it's overpriced by tens of thousands of dollars, so we're not sure what to do. Their realtor told us they were "talking price reduction." To summarize: indecision all around.

Ollie. So cheerful. So snuggly. He's always plonking his round little self on my lap with a book. He also licks my face, which I think means kiss, or maybe salt deprivation. Yet he's SO BAD. He is ceaselessly destructive. We are having to babyproof all this stuff Dylan never thought to get into. And he is SO DRAMATIC about everything. I always suspected Dylan was an oddly reasonable toddler, and I was totally right. Ollie, like Snuffy, has a total pouty breakdown when even one family member leaves the house. He points and demands things all the time and starts crying immediately if he doesn't get it. On the other hand, he stops pretty easily if you distract him. Dylan hasn't ever been able to calm herself down once she gets going. Like right now, for example! And now! And now.

Dylan, and I have to express my sincere appreciation for daycare at this point, successfully had her first actual ski lesson last weekend. She was shorter than any other kid in the class by a full head and didn't have enough mass to keep up without lengthy boosts from the instructors on the flat parts (which I know, obviously, via my perch in the trees) and cried at least a couple times (I witnessed a rescue by a couple kind strangers at one point, BUT DIDN'T SWOOP IN) and I still got her back begging for just three more runs. Being a child of mine and Aaron's she certainly has the instinct to be really shy, but I think the constant socialization has really done a lot for her.

And now...here's a little photo segment I like to call, Who can use what to blackmail who?

We've moved beyond "Ollie wants a doll"

Starved for attention, the children transferred their affections to Vinny, the Vat of Vinegar

The mouth of a muppet. Try not to look at the camera-wielding maniac in the background

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