Monday, February 28, 2011

For those interested in Dylan's learnin' (I believe this club consists of: me; sometimes Aaron. this qualifies it to go on the internet, I guess), here are the four school options for her for next year:

-the public spanish immersion school
-one of the neighborhood public schools
-the charter school in the science museum
-a small private school in the city

I don't think we'll know which one until April or May. We're applying to the private school now as a backup plan if she doesn't get into any of the others (although I like it so much it's sort of tempting in any case. we're so used to handing over half our money to daycare anyway, maybe it's just a habit). Anyway, as part of the admissions process she has to spend a half day there this week without me. Aaron has helpfully been encouraging her:

"I spend half days without Mommy all the time! It's great! I really like it!"

We've continued to play The Game of Life with her on the ipad, thus creating a ruthless, moneygrubbing, babymongering monster. She plays us off one another and trash talks the entire game. I suppose I'll have to start picking on her, too.

Ollie's latest effort was to switch the radio from npr to a very conservative talk radio show.

My latest effort was to finishing painting a new room for Dylan. I discovered Aaron has a light fixture-changing function, so that's been fun. In this case we went for "boring" which is a vast improvement over "vintage barely functional."Dylan picked the color, so she's thrilled, but I think she's even more excited about the laundry chute.
There is now an ever-growing pile of dirty laundry/books/shoes on the stuff I have stored under the laundry chute in the basement.

Speaking of piling up, you know? Sometimes when we all go to the grocery store Dylan gets buried in food.

As I said to the girl in Ollie's glass who was not wearing pants this morning, happens to the best of us.

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