Thursday, September 17, 2009


We decided to get an early start this week with the overscheduling of the child, and started her in both soccer and swimming. The swimming is to force us to give her more regular exposure to water so she won't be so scared of getting in the pool (lessons thus far: 1; times entered the pool: 0; maximum number of adults simultaneously pandering to her to get her in: 3). The soccer is because her best buddy is doing it and it sounded like fun and I have six weeks where my schedule isn't so crazy, yet I am newborn-free. I had to miss the first session because of my constant presence in the psych ED this week, but Aaron was kind enough to give us these brief, yet dizzying, glimpses into soccer for three-year-olds. She was scared of the shin guards to start with, but now she is proud of them. I like how they go to her knees. Full coverage, you know.


Speaking of Aaron, he offers this review of Transformers: "I think they could have cut it down from 2.5 hours without taking too much away from it."

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