Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mish Mash

The last thing we had to do for my rotation was read The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I had heard of it before, and I vaguely knew it was written by a guy who could only communicate by blinking his left eye, but then you read it and the whole time you're reading it's like aaaah this was written by a guy who could only communicate by blinking his left eye. It's worth reading, although I can't recommend following it up with a discussion group with 30 medical students. The discussion tends towards the...concrete.


Dylan currently measures time in naps (where naps = naps OR overnight, try to stay with me). Any statement about something we have planned for any time in the future will be followed by the question, "After this nap?" It sorts of breaks down as a system once you get three naps out or so. It's fun to have her be able to look forward to stuff, although we have gotten wise about mentioning things that are too much fun too far ahead of time because it will only lead to impatience and ultimately PAIN FROM THE WHINING STOP ASKING BECAUSE THAT'S NOT HAPPENING FOR ANOTHER WEEK WHICH IS LIKE 15 NAPS.

Also, she snorts when you get her laughing. I highly recommend it.


I am doing that thing where when you suddenly have more time you become paralyzed by having too many options about how to spend it. The sugar issue has at least removed cookies, the baking and eating of as a choice, but it's not really helping. Stay tuned to see if I self-destruct.

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