Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Dylan's eye view

This is what I gave Dylan, belatedly, for her birthday. We tend to string these things out, if you hadn't noticed. I got a cool little Canon elph camera for my birthday so I wouldn't have to decide between lugging the big one around and not taking pictures. Dylan has been very gentle with it, so I let her run around taking pictures when the mood strikes. Then I forget and upload all the pictures and wonder why I was so enchanted with my shoes or why I couldn't seem to focus that day. Every so often one of the ones she takes comes out pretty cool, and when I put a bunch of them together it started to seem like it really captured her point of view. So this is a collage of a bunch of the ones I liked, which I printed into a poster and framed.


carlbohudakson said...

this is really cool!

Anonymous said...


love, Uncle G and Aunt C

bleisenblog said...

Thank you! Happy Anniversary to you too!!!