Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Well. Just as I was posting this morning Dylan shot straight up off the couch, wondered why she was wearing a sweatshirt, and commenced bouncing around the living room in a highly energetic manner. It soon occurred to me that I was still feeling just the opposite of bouncy, and that the two of us were not going to mesh well, karma-wise, if left alone in the same household all day. The day (9/9/09, or 666 upside down as we like to think of it) was therefore hastily amended from Pathetic Sick Day II to First Day of Preschool.
NB: She will only accept photographs when posing, and will only pose in this manner.

It hadn't occurred to me that she might be a little bored in the room she had been in, but when I heard all the stuff they did today I realized that she was really ready for something new, even though we have opted for the Dunce Track. And we LOVE her new teacher. They moved four of her friends up with her, so it now feels like Saved by Bell: The College Years: Preschool Style. She had a great day and came home chattering about the fire drill and her haircut (they do them there, which is awesome) and her friends and then collapsed into a pile of whine as she does after daycare every day. When I came to get her the teachers were optimistically trying to get them to do puzzles, with actual interlocking pieces and such. Good for them! I will not be the one to tell you it will never work!

One other thing I have been enjoying about daycare is that Capitalist though they clearly are, Dylan is always coming home talking about how a new Friend joined the class that day. Vaguely Communist, no?


Sarah said...

from whence the vintage ithaca festival t-shirt???

bleisenblog said...

I got at it the festival last year. It was on sale from the previous year for like $7. It says 1977, so it must have been a 20th anniversary type thing.