Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The minivan has been a lovely addition to our lives, and we have already gotten a lot of use out of it, despite its ostensible purchase for the purpose of accommodating another child. I am still, however, not great at judging how much room its snout takes up, so parking remains an adventure. I have not actually hit anything yet, instead erring on the side of embarrassing 12-point adjustments.

Also embarrassing are the 12-point turns required to park my own self. This evening I accidentally turned on the stove burner--not just the gas, an actual flame--with my belly. In the upstairs of our house Aaron and I have to coordinate our entrances/exits from rooms so as to avoid logjams.

Dylan, on the other hand, has gotten some kind of grasp of where things are in space. They have a computer at school and she can suddenly use the mouse, leading to endless pleading to play (mind numbing) games on the Sesame Street website. They are also doing handwriting(!) practice with them. The first time she brought home a sheet full of scribbles on "a" outlines I laughed. Then the next week when she brought home one for "b" (they allow them to learn the letters even if you don't pay the extra money) I noticed she was actually starting to approximate at least a circle, if not an actual letter. Aaron thinks she will be good at D's and O's. And! Just for the sake of posting some pictures around here, I will also tell you that she can now catch a ball. Occasionally.

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