Sunday, September 20, 2009


I finished the last of my makeup shifts yesterday. I'm not officially done with this school year until I finish the next week of lectures, but I've done all the clinical time. It would probably be bad form to say on the Internet that I have mentally checked out, so...yeah. I've managed to wear myself out entirely trying to finish up, and it's hard to catch up on rest between Dylan's failure to grasp the idea of sleeping in and my kidneys' enthusiastic nighttime performance. I remember this part from being pregnant with Dylan, where I basically feel pretty good but if I try to do too much I'm useless. I started ripping up the house to get ready for the baby a few months ago, and at the time it seemed a little silly to start so early, but now as I look at the projects that stalled out when I started these rotations it seems prescient.

For the next month I am studying for my next licensing exam and trying to catch up on research stuff. And finishing up getting the house ready. And possibly interacting with my child, dog, and husband, should they cross my path. Which they may or may not choose to do, depending on my mood. You know, with the hormones and all.

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