Tuesday, September 15, 2009


You know how people like to divide the world into two kinds of people? I have a new categorization. Here is a quiz for you to place yourself into this new schema.

When I cheerfully announce that I and most of my family had swine flu last week do you...

A) Express deep and heartfelt concern because oh no! You're pregnant! Are you okay?

B) Take three steps backward and suspiciously inquire as to my current temperature.

Bonus points if you ask whether I recently spent time on a farm.


None of us was ever alarmingly ill. Instead we had a few days of fever, followed by a week of existential malaise. For some, this meant staying in bed much of the day. For others, writing melancholic poetry. For still others, it meant wrapping their pathetic self around my person all day, every day, including taking a nap curled up around the extensively-documented belly, all the while emitting a whine so grating that all the houseplants died, along with my eternal soul. I think we're better now though.


On top of our collective malady, we were in the Hudson Valley for a wedding over the weekend (Dylan's sixth wedding by my count), plus I am compulsively trying to schedule all my makeup shifts for school in one week, possibly in one day, because I would really like to be done. I don't think we've all been this worn out or busy in a while. Aaron has nonetheless found the strength to go see the transformers movie this evening. He's a brave little soldier.

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