Saturday, January 09, 2010

flight risk

Ollie's sleeping habits have been responsible for my new, unwanted, intimate knowledge of late night television. Let me summarize: still on Tiger Woods, go-to jokes involve Chinese child labor and/or whatever network you are/are not on, sometimes there is good music, guests may or may not hit that mark of late night suave, all should be a half hour shorter.


Lord knows why, but a few years ago we started a tradition of visiting Toronto in March. Ah, Toronto in March. Could be a blinding blizzard, could be incessantly rainy, could be a mountain of slush. You never know! That's what we like about it, the uncertainty.

We just realized that to go this year we would need to get Ollie a passport, which takes a bunch of weeks, which means do it right now. When we got to the appointment at the post office today the clerk eyed him and said, please tell me you have the photos already. Which, of course, we did not, because the clerk I talked to yesterday when I made the appointment made no mention of a professional photographer being preferable for the really little guys. The requirements for the photo indicate that the child must be awake (reasonable, but at the moment he was not), looking at the camera, and that no disembodied hands may be in the picture. Riiiiiiight.

Actually we got it on the first try, in the one stunned moment between when we whisked him out of the car seat and when he realized the indignity of the situation and started crying. Aaron's hands remained embodied, so it all worked out. It was in fact a really cute picture. If all goes well we will be able to flee the country that much easier in 4-8 weeks.

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