Thursday, January 28, 2010

testing, testing

We got back from Philadelphia last night. I had to take the next part of the medical licensing test, the one that costs $1200 and involves actors as patients, a la Kramer. [life is resembling Seinfeld lately, I guess]

There were 24 people taking the test at the same time, which meant that we needed to be herded around quite a bit. Doctors! they would announce, much as Dylan's preschool teachers address the children. Doctors! line up along the wall, in order, and file into the hallway. We don't eat until we're all sitting down, do we doctors? We don't discuss test content now, right doctors? You know we MONITOR THE INTERNET for such discussion. I love the idea of MONITORING THE INTERNET. It sounds like such tasks as scouring the ocean or walking home from school with Dylan the day she insisted every step must be taken in a snowbank. That is, painful, and possibly fruitless. Well, we did ultimately arrive home the snowbank day, but I thought for a while that we would expire right there, stubbornly standing in a snowbank.

I brought my whole entourage and we made a weekend of it. Ollie seized the moment to stay up most of the night, but I have actually learned to function, albeit grumpily, on no sleep. I estimate that we have been out of town for about a third of his nine weeks of life, but as long as he doesn't have much of a schedule, we might as well not sleep on the road as at home. Actually he does have the vaguest outlines of a schedule, but it involves staying up until 1-2am, so I don't mind if we mess with it. He made up for it by sleeping about 10 of the 12 hours in the car, and remaining pleasant for at least another half hour of car time.

We visited Tommy at College as long as we were in town. That was good because Dylan keeps hearing about College but has no idea what that means. Now she knows: it is a place with a cool swing.

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