Wednesday, January 13, 2010

not so fast

Well, it turns out fleeing the country will not be so easy because Ollie is not the only one who needs a new passport. I will give you some hints as to who: 1) mine expires in 2018 (ahem), 2) children's passports are good for five years, and 3) Dylan is a mere three years old.

It's just as well, because this is what we've been working with for the past TEN YEARS:

This, combined with a bit of mumbling around authority figures, got Aaron whisked away for extra security on the way back from France one time. He's never actually been taken away from us since then, but we always try to look extra wholesome (via cowlicks, a little rouge on the kids' cheeks, and sing-a-longs -- oh, hi there officer, we were just finishing up a round of row row row your boat, would you like to join us?), and hide his in the middle when we go to Canada.

He doesn't look pleased, exactly, in the new one, but less likely to have recently mugged your grandmother. It should at least get us access to duty free.


Bryn said...

I would argue that the picture is actually a lot worse than "could have mugged your grandmother". More in the realm of "might light his underpants and subsequently the whole plane on fire". Geez--how can a redheaded Jew look so much like an al qeida warrior?

bleisenblog said...

He's very versatile.

Brigid said...

I lol'd! Wow! My first thought was that Aaron must have had a series of very VERY rough nights.