Monday, January 04, 2010

update on operation make the house habitable

We have now, 20 hours later, been upgraded from Persistently Chilly to Room Temperature. It took us a while to realize the house was warming up at 2-3 degrees an hour rather than 20 degrees as we had assumed while we were at Wegmans. At least we haven't had any trouble thinking of New Year's Resolutions -- replace batteries in thermostat more than once a decade. I like my goals feasible.


I forgot that 6 weeks = I can go to the Y by myself. I will not, however, take advantage of this today because a lab test to follow up on the gestational diabetes made me delirious up until about an hour ago. Between having to get up on 3 hours sleep to get there in time, a 12-hour fast, 15 degree temperatures (outside, this time), and not leaving myself enough time to feed Ollie before we left (= constant screaming all the way to, from, and while at the lab), this morning felt like a reality show that strives to combine medical testing, newborns, and winter to see how much contestants can take before they break down weeping into the arms of the phlebotomist. Which I totally did not do.


Gillianboudreau@hotmail.com said...

I have seriously broken down weeping into the arms of untold phlebotomists. Blast you, vaso-vagal-mawkish reaction!

bleisenblog said...

Have you considered trying out for our show? I think you would be a good fit.