Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lessons Learned, 1/6/09

Ollie cannot seem to open his mouth wide enough to express himself when smiling. He looks like a muppet. (will attempt to photograph)

This Annie business has gone too far. Dylan brought the CD into daycare and when I walked in to pick her up yesterday they were playing musical chairs to Tomorrow.

Watching scary shows while up in the middle of the night with the baby is not the best idea.

You will never feel so motivated to work out as when it is your only hour of the day outside the house without anyone else to be responsible for.

Nor will you feel so motivated to clean the house as when you spend 23 hours a day in it.

Ollie, while unendingly cheerful with me, has inherited the family blank stare, which he applies to almost everyone else.

Dylan is wiling to devote herself to entertaining Ollie for long periods of time, despite it being slightly unrewarding at this point. He likes her too.

Having a wee baby can melt the hearts of even the icy icy customers at our wegmans, who try to run pregnant women over with their shopping carts rather than let them take up too much space. No less than four people asked me Ollie's name today (and approved of it) and stopped to make faces at him.

As always, I am particularly dumb when sleep deprived. It's like I'm in the kitchen asking why I went in this room in the first place, anyway, but with the rest of the day also.

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