Friday, February 26, 2010


Honestly, we were jealous of all those other big storms anyway. It's snowed here every day all winter, but we haven't gotten a good storm before today. I think I'll call this one Snearthquake.

I wasn't sure how far out into the street to shovel since the plow hadn't come yet this morning. I think this illustrates our street's plowing priority for you:

1: Highways
2: Major Roads
3: Secondary Roads
4: Coffee Break
5: Any Vacation Time You Need To Use Up?
7: No, Really, You Sure You Don't Need a Breather There?
8: Plow Repair And Routine Maintenance
9: Maybe That Husky Over There Could Pull A Plow? Let's Experiment!
10: Raise Venture Capital To Start Husky Breeding Program
11: Fail To Adequately Flesh Out Business Plan
12: Return Home In Shame To Live In Basement
13: Plow Our Neighborhood

I know it's a good one when I can cross country ski out the front door. Okay, it's the side door, we all know the front door is impassable from the clutter.

Dylan calls herself Winter Dylan when she has her full snowsuit on. I think it's akin to Fireball Mario. She threw herself in every snowbank on the block on our way home from school today. The mailman, who wades through the deepest snow in people's yards to walk the shortest distance, outpaced us by about 3 to 1.

Speaking of Dylan and winter, between her love of dancing, ice skating, and grown up girls, finger skating [sic][she also calls tofu tofood] is like some magical dream world she thought she could only imagine. She wants to know when she will be able to do the jumps.

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