Wednesday, February 03, 2010

dueling dummies

Did I tell you about the time when Aaron was supposed to fly out of Buffalo? But it didn't work out because he conflated the "hour it takes to get to Buffalo" with the "hour you're supposed to get to the airport ahead of time?" In fact, those are two different hours. Well, that's what happened, and it wasn't so very long ago. Thanks to his excellent live-in travel agent he still flew out successfully, although a few hours later and with more layovers (which undeservedly increased the number of frequent flier points he received).

The question Monday was, was that little incident dumber than my own actions of the day?

We sent our bags ahead with my parents, who drove down and picked us up at the airport. On the way back we had a few more things, so I sent one more bag home with them. That, it turned out, was the bag where I had cleverly stashed my house and car keys so I wouldn't carry them all around in my purse and lose them on the trip. As the shuttle pulled away in the airport parking lot in Rochester I suddenly realized exactly where they were. Aaron, keyless himself, asked me if this meant I was dumber than him before turning his thoughts to such tasks as getting the kids out of the cold, accessing our car, and entering our house. Luckily we have friends who both have a key to our house and are apparently not vital to their jobs. Whatever. The day was not a total loss as it involved the baking and eating of thirty cupcakes.

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