Thursday, February 11, 2010

please, sir, i want some more

As long as I'm home with Ollie, I thought I might as well do some more cooking since he likes hanging out in the kitchen as long as I chatter at him. I'm usually more of a baker because then you end up with dessert instead of some casserole, but we all get a little grumpy when I limit our diet exclusively to sugar. Dylan and Aaron have thus been subjected to an endless array of dishes, with varying degrees of edibility. Mostly it's been quite delicious and I've learned how to use a bunch of new foods. Critically, I'm getting better at eyeing (spellcheck wants eying?) a recipe and figuring out if it will actually be three hours worth of work or require me to buy eight new spices or sacrifice a gerbil or the like. I've been trying to recreate my favorite Chinese and Indian dishes and I've been using a lot of the stuff posted on the New York Times website. I cannot, however, recommend their spinach/bulgur/mushroom burgers, and I would like to apologize to everyone involved for last night.

In the past we've eaten out a lot more, which is suddenly a lot less appealing what with all the children, and in the weeks after Ollie's birth we all wallowed around in the joy of takeout (including Thanksgiving...mmm) much more than usual. On one of our recent trips we were talking about what restaurant to go to. Dylan's contribution was a very cheerful, "I'm so happy you're not cooking, Mommy!" Whatever. At least I can make Ollie eat anything I want to, via myself. Actually that's not been such a wise move lately as I have NO IDEA what he might be sensitive to when something bothers him.

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