Monday, February 08, 2010

weird, there's still two children living in our house

Trying to get a decent picture of both childrens is a tedious and impossible task that I like to take a crack at from time to time, in case I'm feeling too capable or something. If I change my standard from "decent" to "both looking vaguely in my direction" I think I've succeeded masterfully.


On the local news this morning one story was that the New York Times knows something about the governor, something big, that will cause him to resign or not run for re-election, or at least break down weeping in public. They noted that they had been refreshing the Times website all morning, to no avail. Thank you, local reporters, for your diligent clicking on my behalf. Also, what is the story?! It's still not up as of 11am. I saw an equally vague one online about a whisper campaign, but with no actual content. Now you can all refresh with me the rest of the day. Click away.


I read that babies of 11 or 12 weeks spend 2/3 of their time playing with their hands. I keep laughing at Ollie because who spends 2/3 of their few waking moments playing with their hands? At least he's right on target developmentally.

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