Saturday, February 27, 2010

Some Olympic Thoughts, In Random Order

1) Don't leave me! Who will keep me company during the unfortunate baby-tending hours of 8-11pm? Besides my husband, who has, oddly, become a gym rat.

2) What is this Team Pursuit in speed skating? Did NBC make it up just to mess with us?

3) Have you seen the curling hats shaped like the stones? Can I have one?

4) I also want those mittens, but I'm not willing to get them on ebay.

5) If I were Lindsey Vonn I would have gone with a silver instead of falling in the super combined. Maybe that's what my racing career is over. Yes, that's right, I'm announcing my retirement.

6) Has NBC had sort of an amazing race-type feel to the coverage? Where you never quite know when things are live or what time it is or how many people still have to go? In the ski racing we got to be able to predict why they were showing a given skier--either they won, fell, were american, or were buddies with an american.

7) I'm nominating the bobsled announcers for worst ability to correlate their observations with actual performance.

8) Wasn't that cool in the women's figure skating that no one fell and they all skated well? Sort of more satisfying that way than when someone wins because someone else fell.

9) Isn't it weird that a racing sport like the short track skating is often decided by judges?

10) Ollie and I are also fond of the today show in the morning. It never ceased to be hilarious to me that every morning they made everyone get up at 4am to be interviewed. I also liked the segment where the NBC guy was tasting beer and the beer guy kept making him taste more and he kept trying not to. Also, the Brian Williams/Brian Williams story was kind of awesome.

11) Aaron: I always liked doing the bobsledding in the olympic games.

Kate : ?

Kate: You've been bobsledding?

Aaron: Well, yes, one time, but I mean in the games.

Kate: You see how that could be confusing? When you say "olympic games?" Because they call it that? On TV?

Aaron: No.

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