Sunday, February 07, 2010


Since Dylan proved herself to be capable of sitting through a show when Aaron took her to see Annie, I brought her to a performance of School House Rock with her two best buddies today, as performed by 10-14 year olds. She was just enthralled with the kids. I was also enthralled due to: so much awkward in one room. They had lovely voices, but it was clear that some unseen puppetmaster was in control of all movements.

At intermission Dylan would. not. budge. Her friends went out to run around, but she was so concerned about missing the rest of the show that she could not be moved. At the end there was a Q&A with the actors, with the whole audience still seated. Dylan raised her hand and when the nice lady brought the mic over told them she loved them.


Speaking of Dylan, she is also moderately useful in shoveling the driveway. Aside from actual physical labor, the jobs gets done more throughly with her around as she has inherited the family compulsion (see: intermission) and will not let us go inside until it is done, and done right.

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