Tuesday, February 16, 2010

party on, bleisenblog

Are Presidents Day and Valentine's Day always back to back like that? I'm just exhausted from all the partying.

Actually, we celebrated Presidents Day with a professional development day at daycare. I told you, nonstop partying. That just means Dylan was also home with me all day yesterday, which was fun because I could stop trying to squeeze in work around Ollie's naps and just hang out with her all day.

Daycare is much like supermarkets and department stores in their celebrations of holidays. It's always right on to the next one, with 1-2 months of hype preceding each. Dylan came home Friday with a shoebox stuffed full of candy, cards and stickers from the other kids. We got her a couple pieces of candy and a card featuring Dumpy the Truck (that was for Aaron also).

I ensured Ollie got to celebrate also by eating plenty of chocolate, which unfortunately is somewhat suspect in his ongoing digestive upset. Dairy's out again, as it was for Dylan, with a pretty noticeable improvement in his eczema and total elimination of his late night screaming. I slowly realized I had been down this road before. I have been contemplating breaking out my vegan cookbook again, but I've got a backlog of recipes I want to do so it will have to wait a bit.


Dylan has been toilet trained for a full year. She just about never has accidents due to a bladder of (stretchable) steel combined with extreme fastidiousness. We hadn't tackled night training yet because Ollie has got the waking me up at night thing covered for everyone. Yesterday, in a fit of diaper-eliminating, we took the plunge and told her to use the toilet at night, preferably without our involvement. I woke up at 1am to Dylan wailing and Aaron grumping around cleaning stuff up. I felt terrible because the toilet experiment had obviously gone terribly wrong, although I had a hard time imagining how since she had still gone to bed with a pullup. I learned around 1:30am that actually it was Indian buffet that had gone terribly wrong and was now staging an evacuation. So! Day 2 of Dylan being home with me is now underway.

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