Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Backing up (beep, beep beep)

I got a little behind, so let's rewind a few days. When last we left our intrepid Bleisenblogs, we were traipsing about New York City, attending weddings and taking turns ejecting our stomach contents. As of last Friday though, we were in the midst of a whirlwind of graduation whatnot as I finally finished my formal schoolin'. Persevere, kids, and you too will be done by the time you're 30!

Aaron actually flew out of town during the graduation party taking place at our house. I always tell you, we know how to party. Thanks to everyone who sent their best wishes and came and helped us celebrate! I particularly appreciate how gracious you all were with respect to having your cars whisked away due to parking restrictions and cramming into the back seat of the minivan to be shuttled to the not-brief ceremony. That's dedication, right there.

Do you know how many pictures I have of the festivities? One. Sent to Aaron on my phone during the rehearsal to document that it would NEVER END. Not perhaps the best picture in all the land, but no one has sent me anything else yet, so it's what you're getting.


In other events, they've cancelled the Lilac Festival for the third day in a row because it started raining again. I've never heard of anything like that happening. I guess it's good we've been teaching Dylan to swim.

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Anonymous said...

Hampa has many pictures in his camera. In Italy. Ciao, Hampa!