Monday, May 16, 2011

Things I have learned in the last 48 hours

Dylan mentions ache and pains almost daily, and they invariably amount to nothing. Nonetheless, when she insists from the back of the cab with increasing urgency that she feels sick, it wouldn't hurt to take action, let's say, before she does. Sorry about your rain coat, Aaron. And underwear.

Donald Trump announced his non-run for presidency today from the same hotel where were staying. Coincidence? You decide. I did stay up an hour later than I meant to last night watching the celebrity apprentice, so that clearly played into the decision-making process.

Having left a starbucks minutes before a cab crashed into it will make Aaron refer to "safe starbucks" (those in malls, hotels, or airports, I've surmised) for an indefinite period of time.

Just because Dylan SEEMS like she hates every minute of the horsedrawn carriage ride due to complete exhaustion and its attendant malaise, it doesn't mean she won't ask to do it again the next day.

Ollie would like to have a word with me, about the horse.

Ollie would like to have a word with all of you, also. He picked up like 20 of them in the past four days.

The apple store does not want you to hang out in their vestibule, driving rain or not.

The huge HD screens in the apple store are an AWESOME place to watch the shuttle launch.

Fielding questions about future astronaut career options is a bit of a downer though.

A deep love for AIRPLANES! does not necessarily translate into endearing behavior on airplanes. Ollie, looking at you here.

I hate to use the term "boot and rally" here in reference to my four-year-old, but honestly. That's her there, the pink blur.

Dylan thinks she is in a musical every waking minute. She just accommodates the rest of us in our routines as necessary
Aaron can totally pull off a tux. (Congratulations Brenda and Andrew! For getting married, that is! Not just for getting Aaron in a tux! The whole thing was amazing!)

He can also pull off an entourage. Hm, looks like he had: Ollie, Dylan, the stroller, and the bags, while I had: the cameraphone.
I am a SERIOUS lightweight, booze-wise. Or else I had food poisoning. Or a virus (see: Dylan, #1). Possibly all three. Am doctor now.

Ollie. Strong like bull. Seriously, I packed that suitcase, and it was not light.
Neither rain nor lightening nor dark of night nor ATROCIOUS behavior at the restaurant can keep up from getting cupcakes after dinner.
I am way scarier as an underbridge troll than Dylan. Seriously, what is she, like three foot six? Plus she can't compete with the retainer.

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Gillianboudreau@hotmail.com said...

Yay NYC! Yay Brenda and Andrew! Yay graduation! Yay(?) booting and rallying!