Monday, May 02, 2011


I was rewarded for my hubris Saturday thinking I could manage alone with both kids (if you count recruiting friends "alone") with sort of a grind Sunday, although I do recommend going to toys r us and playing with all the toys if you're having a hard day. The kids liked it too. The Dylan/Snuffy combination is a tough one since it's hard to get him enough exercise without covering some distance, and some days it's draining to cajole Dylan into covering any distance at all. Ollie just gets strapped to my back, which works for him. He's fun because he's quite the gearhead since he knows the appearance of shoes, boots, sunblock, hats, helmets, or whatever means we're going to do something cool. He cries when we take the bike helmet off. Here's some pics from our rainy day bike excursion. Note to future self: if it seems like a good idea to put rain coats on the children, it is not a good idea to go biking. The addition of a driving wind is another clue as to the correct choice if you have your wits about you.

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