Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Days of endless labor powered by pandora

Here is a tip: if you want to guarantee that your new mattress will be really, really comfortable, sleep on the couch for a week before it comes. Force your husband to do the same, for his own good.

I moved on from the (relative, sort of) fun of painting the bedroom and moved on to: the hallway, stairs, living room, dining room, and entryway. With the bedroom at least I could flounce about discussing my design aesthetic and repurposing my clutter into an elegant, tasteful display (note: this did not happen). The rest of the house was varying shades of off-white and is now: varying shades of off white. Spending days and days painting to achieve a feel of "slightly less grubby" is less than satisfying.

What we decided was, as long as we're not moving, let's at least make it FEEL like we're moving. Or so it seems. Really, the thinking (that was done. by us) was that we'll almost certainly move in three years (DON'T LAUGH) and have to do all those minor repairs that you have to do before selling a house and then you kick yourself because hey, this is nice, why didn't we do them for US? So we are doing them for us and it is nice, but guess what? It's a lot of work and it feels like we're moving.

It also dawned on me that I have eased into the role of general contractor, as I attempt to coordinate: the driveway guy, the mason, the tile guy, the tree guy, the plumber guy, and the window guy. None of whom seems eager per se, to exchanges services for money, but at least it is I who am the middleman. Really, it's a new hobby I'm exploring.


The school district says it will mail out assignments Friday. We leave Friday for many days of road tripping (note to thieves: neighbor Karl has his eye on you). I called to see if I could call once they're mailed to find out and they told me: no, maybe late next week, when we have the assignments in the computer. I guess they hammer them out on stones first, then deliver them to people's house, THEN put them in the computer.

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