Saturday, May 07, 2011

more unfortunate skills the short round one has acquired

-Turning on the toaster oven. He can tell when it's on, too, then he leaves.
-Adjusting the burners on the stove. There's a cooking theme here, I guess, since he still opens the oven on occasion.
-Turning on the faucets in the bathroom. All of them.
-Spitting resentfully at people who are not me, when provoked.
-Honking car horns (requires adult enabling).

His current redeeming features are: a seamless transition to the new daycare room, 15 hours of sleep per day, big, slimy kisses, an indiscriminate appetite, and awesome moves to Wheels on the Bus.


My retainer is awethome, right? It's nothing too exthiting, I just had a couple teeth that were thliding around driving me nuth. Dylan kept making me say words for her amusement. So did my friends, for that matter. Gymnastics and chick peas are favorites. "World's Strongest Man" was mistaken for "World's Drunkest Man" in one instance. I'm leth lithpy now, but Aaron and I have agreed: best to remove it for phone calls.


Should hear about at least one school next week.


We socialized more this week than in the past...three weeks! Combined. Plus or minus a year or two. Because! Annabelle returned to the ROC to visit us, which is like adding a third person to our marriage, for better or for worse. She ran with Snuffy, took Dylan to the movies, and lurked happily in the basement lair. I took like one picture, so here you go. Dylan asked if she was a giant, but I told her no, it's trolls that lurk in the basement.


waiting for daddy to return from Out West

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