Monday, May 23, 2011


Several items are of note.

We have a bed frame. Technically, we had one before, but it since it just barely performed its "keep the mattress off the floor" role and was not visible to the naked eye, I'm not sure it counts. Thank you, craigslist.

We do not have a mattress. I got a little excited to throw the old one out since it just happened to be garbage day when I got started last week (Aaron: "I have a number of questions regarding this plan.") In retrospect, garbage day THIS week might have been a better selection. The new one should get here by...Wednesday.

It looks like a furniture store. That is because there is a big heavy desk that we are not capable of moving. It will no longer reside in the bedroom someday, insha allah.

Not pictured: Dylan, pouting in the corner because SHE wants my new bedroom. I JUST DID her room. She got to pick the paint color! It is exactly equal parts pink and purple! There are glow in the dark stars and a ceiling-mounted remote controlled rotating solar system! There is a laundry chute in her closet and shelves full of toys and a big box of all her treasured play bills and postcards. I don't want to hear it, kid. Although it's quite fun to have a child who enthusiastically appreciates my every minor home improvement. She gets all excited when I so much as pick up the toys in the living room.

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