Friday, May 20, 2011


Perhaps we should keep better wraps on Aaron's wallet? "Look what I've been working on Mommy!"


It is embarrassing to graduate from medical school and walk into the frame store and ask them if they can match your diploma frame to your PhD one.


I would like to emphasize how short and squat Ollie is. Really, it's silly.
He's still working diligently to manage a fine balance of affection and cuddles with evil and destruction. He has had a lot of success, thus far, because what else does he have to do, in a day?


I've been painting again. I swear I've learned something from all the HGTV. Although I haven't learned enough to know that even though I love yellow and red-orange, for example, they may not be the best colors for the walls. I do know enough that at least I got samples first. Other teaching points from this painting adventure: 1) it goes a lot faster without any wall repair, and 2) perhaps it is best to contain one's zeal in throwing out the ten-year-old mattress until a new mattress has been procured. Our bedroom thus has no bed, but is now a distinguished grey with white trim.

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