Saturday, November 07, 2009

Four Corners

I've covered the house with a layer of baby stuff. It's hard to walk, but at least when we are stumbling around without sleep we'll have a better chance of tripping over something useful. We now have a corner of the living room with the theme "Spots to Put the Baby."

The swing and the crib are preferable to the kitchen set as options, but in a pinch I'm sure Dylan could clear out some extra cabinet space. I also made Dylan a play area in another corner of the room.
The third corner is the stairs and the fourth is for me to go curl up behind the couch when I get too grumpy.

Our baby preparations have expanded well beyond the necessary to include decluttering and rearranging most rooms in the house, putting in a new router with a terabyte of storage as a backup system for the computers, getting my diploma framed, wrapping up work on two of my research projects, not to mention the new car. I seem to think I will be capable of very little for a while. One thing I have not managed to do is pack a bag for the hospital. There's nothing I actually need besides a toothbrush, right?

Dylan has had a lot of fun helping me go through everything, and likes hearing all the stories about what she liked when she was a baby. She was particularly fond of the bubbling bouncy seat, which turns out to still be the case. We put some batteries in it last night and she wouldn't let us turn it off for much of the day today.
Hopefully it will hold her interest and we can use it to babysit both children at once.

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