Monday, November 30, 2009

chub chub chub

Ollie has focused his recent efforts on packing on weight. We were at the doctor for a weight check this morning and they asked me if the number could be correct because he has gained so much since we left the hospital.
He's starting to stretch out his sleeping and waking a bit more, which makes mommy less grumpy.

Dylan is showing signs of settling in a bit, and she really does seem to think he's excellent company. She reads to him and covers him up and babysits while mommy and daddy hit the town. There are just so many (2) children in the house, it's really weird.


Kate said...

We're so happy for you guys!! Congrats!! The little guy is adorable. And I love the name Oliver. We've got an adorable little neighbor who shares it! Wish we could stop over with some homelaid eggs (!) or more eggplant parmesan a la Dylan, however I think the mail folk would prefer if we didn't attempt it! :0) Thinking of you on any account! Hugs & dog slobber, Kate, Dan & Emma p.s. We'll try to call soon and hope to time it during a period of awakeness...(:OP

Cathy S-R said...

congratulations, Kate, Aaron, Snuffy and Dylan! I mean K,A,DYLAN and Snuffy! Oliver is absolutely darling. The MSTP is very happy for all of you. The newsletter is about to go out. Do you mind if I put one of these photos in with Oliver's birth announcement?

Gillianboudreau@hotmail.com said...

What a cute cute kiddo! So glad Dylan is doing better.

bleisenblog said...

Cathy - sure, go ahead and use whichever photo you want.

Kate - we'd love to hear from you. Happy belated anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Good work, Kate and Aaaron. And Dylan, sounds as if you're ready to be a great big sister -- just like your mom. What a handsome boy Ollie is. And definitely bigger than a garden gnome...! I'll forward to Leigh.
Congratulations all!