Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chattering on

Dylan is really losing it. She cried for two hours before bed last night and then woke up three hours later to cry some more. I feel like most three-year-olds are not quite this tuned in, and I think it's about the same as Snuffy being so smart, which is that it would be for her own good to be slightly more oblivious. She has big plans after the baby is born to take advantage of my new lap space and to feed me treats. Works for me. She also plans to be able to button her own jeans at some point.

Aaron volunteered to call the car place tomorrow. It's nice when dividing up the household tasks is relatively cut and dry. I have big plans to have absolutely no involvement in pursuit of operation: make the subaru run again.

The deadline to submit abstracts for the big pediatrics conference is today, so Aaron has been all focused and worky and can relax tomorrow. I told him I would not get in the way of the deadline, which his co-workers didn't believe. I actually signed up to do some work at school through this past Monday. It's worked pretty well thus far to assume I won't go into labor and go about my business. I got through all the work I wanted to, and am now onto the dregs of my to do list, including estimating how much tax withholding we should have next year. It's just as well about the work because I did a clean install of windows 7 thinking I had the disk for microsoft office, but really it turns out I just have the box so doing actual work is unpossible for the time being. But my computer's all shiny and clean and I finally found and deleted the hidden lenovo files that have been taking up 50% of my hard drive since I got this computer.


And now for some fun links

Newest item on my to do list

Review of our favorite restaurant, sadly revealing its existence to the general public. Aaron may or may not have had a role in this.

Bio-Diversity from the NY Times

Slate's index to Going Rogue

Daily Show episode with a segment on our children's museum and an entreaty to Rochester to "get your heads out of your garbage plates."

Starting to lose it 9 days after Dylan's due date


Baby check tomorrow AM, with ultrasound.

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