Sunday, November 15, 2009

Original compositions

Dylan, singing, at dinner: I'm all done, I'm all done, I don't want any more food.

Kate: Great, let's go upstairs.

D: No, I'm still hungry. That was just a song.

Aaron, singing: I'm having contractions, I'm going to the hospital, I had the baby.


Actually, I may have guaranteed labor tonight by clogging up the garbage disposal and not figuring out how to deal with it yet. Aaron has maxed out on manly tasks by replacing the car stereo (the buttons all stopped working besides the CD eject, so we had to choose between listening to the one CD in the car, from the beginning, at high volume, or total silence), retooling our wifi, and contemplating replacing a light fixture, so it appears to be up to me. Never make homemade cole slaw.

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