Monday, November 16, 2009

Plunging ahead

There is something embarrassing about being hugely pregnant and walking into a store at 9pm to purchase only a plunger. But at that point in the evening the cabbage smell was threatening to suffocate us all. Attempts to clear the drain using an allen wrench on the disposal (aaron) or a baking soda and vinegar volcano (me) (the internet told me to) having been unsuccessful, Action had to be taken. We deduced that for sanitary purposes the sink should perhaps have its own dedicated plunger, so off I went. While I was out Aaron requested that I buy one, or possibly several, fuses for the subaru, which I learned at that point has been rendered undriveable due to the Multiday Stereo Installation Process. Aaron made up for this in part with a highly successful declogging operation once the plunger made it home, and I have to say it is fun to poke around an auto supply store in the absence of any knowledge of the needs and wants of autos.


I told Aaron a couple days ago that time had stopped, but it turned out I was wrong. At that point it had only slowed. You may have noticed that it stopped entirely from 5-7pm today, for which you can thank Dylan. Her steady whine of Mommy is intimately connected to the spacetime continuum and she has no qualms about using her power to ill effect. She has been very clear with me that she is not worried about the baby, who she is looking forward to having around. She is mostly worried that we her parents are going to take off for the hospital for an undetermined number of days without any prior notice. Yeah, about that... She is also having some discomfort that a little dried fruit couldn't hurt if you know what I mean, so hopefully I cleared that up for tomorrow with a few well placed snacks.

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