Saturday, April 30, 2011


Since Aaron's still larking it up in Denver I thought I'd give a blow by blow of our day languishing at home without him so he'll know what we're up to. Before we go any farther I'll also address the question I know you're all thinking: Can our relationship can withstand the long distance and the two hour time difference? Maybe.

Overnight: Children take turns waking up and thus waking me up. Both are probably my own fault. I tried to have Snuffy sleep in my room so I could take him out early in the morning unaccompanied by the wee folk, so Dylan woke up wailing for him at 2am and I quickly shuffled him in there to make the noise stop. Ollie woke up at 4am wanting to NUR, as is his wont a couple times a week. Again I took the quickest path to making the noise stop.

Morning: Did not get up before children, so shuffled everyone outside to help with Snuffy. Made elaborate breakfast appreciated by no one but me. I knew that going in though, and I appreciated it enough for all of us. We had to be at Sesame Street Live mid-morning, so we did a couple errands that did not involve getting out of the car. I would not have suggested taking Ollie to a 90-minute show had it not been legally necessary to bring him, supervision-wise, but he thought it was AWESOME. Dylan did too, and was in fact one of the oldest children there. Worst audience ever. Ollie fell asleep for his three-hour slumber as we pulled in the driveway (Dylan NEVER did that, with the nap, right? The boy is like clockwork), while Dylan helped me with some yard work and assisted with the determination that I am unable to make the lawn mower go on now. I eventually wrassled Dylan to her room for her mandatory 45-minute rest time. The child is currently a delight, but 12 solid hours of even cheerful chattering makes my brain mushy.

Afternoon: I still had sole responsibility for all three creatures, so we had a little adventure to exercise the big furry one. Again, I might not have volunteered to take everyone out by myself, but it was the first really nice day we've had in I think ten years so we were all thrilled to get out.

I quickly scrapped plans to obtain foodstuffs at Wegmans and coerced some passersby to carry the children and get tex mex with us.

One thing led to another and we ended up at a bar an hour after their bedtime. Perhaps Aaron is providing supervision of more than the children when he is here. Something to ponder.

They're all asleep now and Snuffy is all curled up in a tired way instead of in a pouty way, so that's a good sign. Over and out.

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