Friday, April 29, 2011

i will check and see if it's alphabetized

We've fallen into a vague routine on weekdays, with Aaron at work and the kids and at daycare and me frantically flitting around the house/yard/city/internet trying to take care of things before I start work in mid-June. Today was oddly disconcerting then, as not one of us had our regular schedule.

Dylan had to be in to school early for a trip across town to see Allison Wonderland (that's Dylan's adaptation, not the theater company's), Aaron is flying to Denver on a lark (if you consider pediatric conferences a lark, which I'm sure you do), I had my last official day of med school learnin', and Ollie had his last day in his current classroom.

This meant this morning: Dylan was bonkers, yet grumpy, with excitement. Aaron was mentally gone, then physically gone. Ollie sensed something was up and started uncharacteristically bawling when I dropped him off. I'm holding up well, thanks, although it should be noted that I do have the kids by myself for three days now.

Ollie's been spending more and more time in the new classroom all week and it's going great and I like the teachers and daycare just seems to work for him. Longtime readers will remember a certain daycare-related angst until Dylan was at least two. His current teachers have had him almost a year and they are all weepy and it actually seems sort of sad since they'll a) really miss him and b) probably get in his place a crying eight month old. Overall it's great for him though because they get to go out on the playground in the new room and we don't have to take our shoes off at drop off since there's no one crawling around on the floor and he seems happy there already. Perhaps at least SOME of Aaron's easygoing is showing up in one of the kids? Although just to qualify the easygoing thing, I will tell you Aaron routinely spends at least twenty minutes organizing the kids' bookshelf and kitchen set, and we all know how long that lasts.

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Aaron said...

It's not alphabetized by title but rather by month that the book was printed.