Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sweet & savory

One more addendum to the pants story is that just the other day Dylan proudly traipsed off to school in black leggings and a white turtleneck "so I look like Daddy in his running clothes." No longer an appropriate goal, I would say.


I'm a little behind with the pictures from this outing, but we had an awesome Donuts 'n' Poultry themed morning the weekend before last that deserves its rightful place on the Internet.

Dylan looks a little googly-eyed herself here.
Cookie Monster donut last featured here. As previously identified by astute reader Bridget, this is from Donuts Delite. I hadn't actually been there yet in all our Rochester Years, so it was quite a treat.

And now on to the poultry.

If Ollie knew swear words it might have helped him express himself during his initial introduction to the chickens.
Dylan showed him how it was done.
He enjoyed himself, although I have to say he was a little heavy handed. (so soft)


Also! We saw The Lion King! So awesome!


And Heeeeeeeeeere's Ollie!

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