Saturday, April 09, 2011

babes on bikes

We sheared Aaron right before he and Dylan left for San Fransisco. His fluffless head was unfamiliar to Ollie, so in contrast to a days-long joyous reunion with Dylan, Ollie regarded Aaron in stony silence for 48 hours before recognizing (or newly accepting) him.

Dylan and Aaron were both jetlagged for about three days. It's mildly amusing in a 4-year-old ("Mommy...I'm having trouble waking up this morning...I'm going to go lie down on the couch while I eat breakfast"); less so in one's husband ("Get up!" "..." "Out of bed! Now!" "..." "Go to work!" "...")

But! All is forgiven because he put together my new toy. Which is awesomely awesome. As background, with Ollie it is easily possible, with the aid various contraptions, to run, walk, or bike as far as my little heart desires. With Dylan, none of those things is easy. Now we're one for three.
Ollie is up for any and all adventures, so we took him out biking for the first time later in the day. He wouldn't let me take the helmet off him for a while.He manages to convey much with few words. The main message today was Faster! He may not have the natural neurotic caution that works so well, self-preservation wise, with Dylan.

He got a new contraption of his own, but it's less fun and more pod-like.


Here's an article about how all those MTV teenage pregnancy shows are a great public health message. I totally agree. I think they're well done and no one would want to have a baby after watching them until they're 45.

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