Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We had a big conference on refugee health in Rochester the last couple days. I agreed to give a presentation on my dissertation stuff, figuring about 12 people would be there. Estimation has never been my strong suit, so luckily the conference organizers told me that 87 people had signed up for my talk. I hadn't done anything like that since my dissertation defense a couple years ago. I thought that might be a good opening line for a joke, something along the lines of "...hopefully your questions will be less menacing," but Aaron said there was no good joke whose lead in is "Last time I gave this talk they gave me a PhD! What do you all have to offer?! Hopefully your questions will be up to my standards!" He was sufficiently alarmed that I dropped the stand-up routine, although really I think we all lost out there.


Ollie has taken to wearing a blood pressure cuff around. He's a trendsetter, that one.
I didn't remember him having a resentful stare like this, but Aaron pointed out that it's not resentful stare, it's "cheeks stuffed with graham cracker, chipmunk-style."

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