Friday, April 22, 2011


For some reason, daycare is CONSTANTLY having Picture Day. There's a regular one each spring and fall, then several more where they randomly stuff the children into dress up outfits. Ollie became so bereft on the last two such occasions that he could not be captured on camera, and Dylan for some reason always looks sort of goofy.

The most recent one had an Olde Thyme theme that seemed to work for Dylan, and I actually had a hard time choosing which picture to get. (a choice was necessary because each package only includes one shot and additional packages were like $15 more and you see why I never order any?) I guess sepia is her color.


We attended not one but two seders this year. Ollie enthusiastically took to traditional seder foods, and has had equally enthusiastic output all week. One episode prompted Aaron to wistfully wish he, Aaron, could also do his business at the lunch table. Upon further investigation it turned out that the business had not yet been completed, but was promptly finished upon the start of nap time, which made the whole house smell positively TOXIC for the entire three (good boy!) hours of nap.

Speaking of toxic, Dylan had a little run-in with denatonium benzoate, aka the "bitterest chemical compound known." I was innocently using the bathroom (today's theme, it seems) when she attempted to bust down the door (sent by Aaron, I later learned) wailing about the terrible taste in her mouth. I determined that she had been helping apply deer repellent, which apparently is not toxic (unlike OLIIE) but uses a strategy of X-treme Bitterness, and got a tiny amount in her mouth. It look several hours to get the taste out of her mouth, but a popsicle helped ease the pain. She won't eat the flowers anytime soon, I'll tell you what.


No updates yet on the school front. We're expecting to hear next about the bilingual one in mid-May.


I have the AWESOMEST road trip planned for us. I can't reveal all the details since "Aaron" wants some of it to be a "surprise." Since Ollie is involved the definition of a good road trip includes less than four hours a day in the car, so we're not covering too much distance, but we're doing lots of fun stuff.


Since when do we have monsoon season? I'm trying to play ultimate this spring, but it was cancelled for the last three weeks because of flooding and the forecast for the next four days has rain. I got an e-mail recently with the subject "April showers bring May showers."

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